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Nestled under the picturesque hills of the Aravali ranges, Bhinai Garh lives up to its history of chivalry, intrigue and valour.

Legend say that during the reign of Emperor Akbar the country around Bhinai was ravaged by a band of marauders lead by Madlia Bhil, a charismatic brigand. Headquartered at an picturesque and impregnable hilltop fortress in Bhinai, Madlia and his gang were so powerful that even the Emperor's forces could not subdue them.

Rao Chandra Sen, son of Rao Maldeo of Marwar heard of exploits of Madlia while on a visit to Ajmer and decided to free the country from his ravages. On reaching Bhinai he was invited by Madlia and his gang for a grand feast in which the best of food and liquor were offered. When Madlia and his gang were well intoxicated Chandra Sen slew Madlia and dispersed the gang thus freeing the land from their ravages. A grateful Emperor Akbar honoured Chandra Sen the grant of Bhinai and 84 villages & seven other parganas .

But Rao Chandra Sen who was a freedom fighter had never accepted the supremacy of the mughals did not stay back in Bhinai. And his Grand son Karam sen came and established Bhinai.

The descendants of Rao Chandra Sen have ruled over Bhinai ever since. During the Raj Bhinai was an important centre of power, and the Bhinai Garh was famous for its gracious parties and legendry sporting events. Bhinai Garh is an ideal place for someone who wants to explore the real unspoilt interiors of  Rajasthan.  


Raja Kalyan Singh ji
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